This is the workhorse of the broadcast industry. It is a sectional fiberglass dish with a galvanized steel support structure that keeps it in shape for many years under the harshest conditions. It withstands hail and ice better than metal dishes and handles hurricane force winds. The part of the foundation you can't see is a 6ft. deep pier that is 2 ft. in diameter. I have a custom jig that I use to build this dish with a perfect shape and a custom crane that I use to gently lift it into place. If you have an old dish that is no longer able to give you the signal quality you need in this new 5G C-band interference world, I can solve your problems quickly and economically with this big boy! Price shown below gets it loaded on your trailer at my warehouse in Austin and does not include the stand or pole under it. Alternative is usually to get in line for the next availability and pay to ship from the North Carolina factory. If you hire us to install it at your location, we will bring it with us! Why does that matter? It comes on a 6.5 ft pallet and weighs about 650 lbs!